Choose a Customized Staffing Solution

How much did you really spend on your last hard-to-find hire? Did you include the lost productivity of your hiring manager? Did you factor in lost revenue and productivity from down time when a position wasn’t filled? What about the hours your HR team spent poring over resumes and setting up interviews? The hidden costs of recruiting, screening, and hiring can quickly add up.

Adecco manages a talent pool of candidates sourced through traditional methods such as job fairs, open houses, print and broadcast media, organization partnerships, referrals, online job postings, job boards, and social media.

Once candidates are identified, skills are assessed and interviews are conducted to gain a better understanding of the individual’s capabilities, experience, and career interests. Candidates’ eligibility to work in the United States is verified through E-Verify.

Adecco functions as a full-service staffing partner for every phase of the hiring process for both a contingent and permanent workforce. Adecco has significant expertise in identifying and providing skilled workers to meet a wide range of short and long-term staffing needs across multiple industries and functions. 

Discover the Adecco Advantage

RESPONSIVENESS – It can take weeks to recruit qualified applicants from expensive job board listings. Adecco gets immediate results, delivering qualified employees as soon as they’re needed, saving time and money.

FLEXIBILITY – Staff up when the workload increases. Cut back when the work slows down. Adecco provides flexible workforce solutions.

INSURANCE – Adecco assumes all payroll burdens, insulating employers from unemployment and workers’ comp claims.

PAYROLL AND HR MANAGEMENT – There’s no need to keep track of payroll, no quarterly reports to file, no taxes to be paid (or penalties for late filing!), and no benefits to administer.

TEMP-TO-HIRE – Allows employers to try out candidates before making a final hiring decision, ensuring a good fit for the open position as well as the organization.  

DIRECT PLACEMENT – Adecco can connect employers to the best permanent talent. Our 100-day guarantee helps protect from the high cost of a bad hire.

PAYROLLING – When our clients source an employee and want to hire them for a limited period of time, but organizational needs do not permit a permanent hire, Adecco’s payrolling services provide the answer. We’ll take care of the pre-employment requirements, time tracking, and issuing of paychecks. Employers provide the employee and Adecco provides the administrative and HR support.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – Adecco assures employee quality through skills testing and screening. Employers get qualified workers, valuable time is not wasted on reviewing unqualified resumes, and productivity is enhanced.

A WORLD-WIDE BRAND WITH A STRONG LOCAL PRESENCE – Adecco has served hundreds of organizations in Leon County since 1990. As a global leader in the staffing industry, Adecco offers a deep recruiting infrastructure, state-of-the-art skills testing, and an internationally trusted brand.